SNEBRN is currently the major Canadian research effort in smart net-zero energy buildings. It brings together 29 Canadian researchers from 15 universities to develop the smart net-zero energy homes and commercial buildings of the future. The Network also includes researchers and experts from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Hydro-Québec. Industrial partners from the energy and construction sectors are involved in most projects, developing the know-how that will help them compete in the global market.

The budget of the Network over five years (2011 – 2016) is about $7 million, with $5 million from NSERC, and the balance from NRCan and industry and utility partners.  


The vision of SNEBRN is to perform the research that will facilitate widespread adoption in key regions of Canada, by 2030, of optimized NZEB energy design and operation concepts suited to Canadian climatic conditions and construction practices. We aim to influence long-term national policy on the design of net-zero energy buildings and communities in association with our partners.

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The NSERC Smart Net-zero Energy Buildings strategic Research Network (SNEBRN), funded for 2011-2016 under the strategic research networks program of NSERC, is based on a previous network: the NSERC Solar Buildings Research Network (SBRN), which completed its program at the end of 2010. Joining 18 researchers from SBRN are 11 new researchers in the new Network’s university team, making a total of 29 researchers from 15 Canadian universities taking part in the effort. In addition there are partners from government and industry.

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